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Ein Augenblick Freiheit
Feature Film, AT/FR 2008, Farbe, 110 min., OmdU/OmeU
Diagonale 2009

Director: Arash T. Riahi
Script: Arash T. Riahi
Cast: Navid Akhavan, Pourya Mahyari, Fares Fares, Payam Madjlessi, Behi Djanati Ataï, Johannes Silberschneider u.a.
Camera: Michi Riebl
Editor: Karina Ressler
Location Sound: Mohsan Nasiri
Music: Karwan Marouf
Production Design: Christoph Kanter
Costumes: Monika Buttinger
Producers: Veit Heiduschka, Margaret Ménégoz
Production: Wega-Film
Co-production: Les Films du Losange (FR)


Tragicomic and suspenseful, @i:Ein Augenblick Freiheit:i@ traces the odyssey of three groups of Iranian Kurd refugees. On the way to their hoped-for freedom they get stranded in an uninviting hotel in Ankara. The first moments of unutterable relief are all too brief. What follows is a gruelling wait, an emotional roller coaster ride between hope and disappointment. If the asylum application is refused, deportation follows, delivering some to certain death.

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