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Du haut en bas
Feature Film, FR 1933, Schwarzweiß, 80 min., fOmU
Diagonale 2009

Director: G.W. Papst
Script: Anna Gmeyner (nach Ladislaus Bus-Feketes Stück „Geld ist nicht alles“), Dialoge: Georges Dolley
Cast: Jean Gabin, Janine Crispin, Michel Simon, Mauricet, Wladimir Sokoloff u.a.
Camera: Eugen Schüfftan
Editor: Jean Oser
Location Sound: Georges Leblond
Music: Marcel Lattès
Production Design: Ernö Metzner
Costumes: Max Pretzfelder
Producers: Georges Root
Production: Socíeté des Films Sonores Tobis (FR)


We almost feel as if we are seeing a reflection of the real situation of immigrants, the situation “of exiles collected in a location, but no longer constituting the average for the place. The figures who climb on backstairs and in alleys are no longer the representatives of static classes and levels of society, but stranded people who climb up and out, people who have been dealt a new hand.“ (Gertrud Koch)

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