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Innovative Cinema Short, AT 2014, Farbe, 13 min.
Diagonale 2014

Director, Script, Editor: Billy Roisz
Camera: Lisbeth Kovacic
Music: Peter Kutin, Dieter Kovacic
Producers: Billy Roisz


A room, as dark as the movie theater: Is it a movie theatre? Projectors sporadically throw abstract play of light onto the screen, affording the spectator glimpses of concrete structures and objects, which fall back into the deepest black as quickly as they appear. Billy Roisz longs for an audiovisual labyrinth in which sound, image and projection generate and guide one another. As the engines rattle, the spectators attempt to find their bearings.

http://billyroisz.klingt.org, www.sixpackfilm.com

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