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Innovative Cinema Short, AT 2007, Schwarzweiß, 17 min., kein Dialog
Diagonale 2021

Director: Michaela Grill, Martin Siewert


Pedestrians, strollers, vagabonds—five cinematic walks lead from Prague (Bezùcelnà prochàzka – Aimless Walk) to New York (Aimless Walk – Alexander Hammid), into the hurried bustle of the Big Apple (Go! Go! Go!), back to Vienna, to a city that doesn’t exist (A Tale of Two Cities), and end in archive recordings of Vienna (cityscapes) that develop a life of their own and contemplate the future perception of the cities in the digital era.

Prag – New York – Wien
Bezúčelná procházka (Aimless Walk – Spaziergang ins Blaue) (R: Alexander Hammid, CZ 1930)
Aimless Walk – Alexander Hammid (R: Martina Kudláček, AT/CZ 1996)
Go! Go! Go! (R: Marie Menken, FR 1962–1964)
A Tale of Two Cities (R: Jem Cohen, AT 2007)
cityscapes (R: Michaela Grill, Martin Siewert, AT 2007)

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