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Calle López
Documentary Film, MX 2013, Schwarzweiß, 80 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2014

Director: Lisa Tillinger, Gerardo Barroso Alcalá
Script: Lisa Tillinger, Gerardo Barroso Alcalá
Camera: Lisa Tillinger, Gerardo Barroso Alcalá
Editor: León Felipe Gonzalez
Location Sound: José Miguel Enriquez, Alejandro de Icaza
Music: Galo Durán
Sounddesign: José Miguel Enriquez, Alejandro de Icaza
Producers: Gerardo Barroso Alcalá, Milko Luis Coronel
Production: Axolote Cine (MX)
Co-production: Ki Visual (MX), Ajenjo Cine (MX)


Quietly observing, a camera immerses itself in one of the liveliest streets of Mexico City, Calle López. In an earthy black- and-white, the film documents the quotidian life of a strikingly diverse working world. Fragmentary activities merge into a visual drama of the workday and achieve an incisive snapshot of urban parallels: cinematic poetry in the bustle of daily life.

This film occupies an unusual place somewhere between visual anthropology and art-house cinema: it offers up a microcosm of Mexican society, alive with implicit social commentary, but plays as a stunning work of cinematic poetry. Two photographers, Gerardo Barroso Alcalá and Lisa Tillinger, move with their baby to the busy Calle López in historic downtown Mexico City, a bustling cauldron of everyday life so textured and vibrant that they become inspired to document it. Following the street’s residents with their cameras, they capture a parade of street vendors, beggars, and tequeros that becomes a kind of urban symphony in black and white. (Margaret Mead Film Festival)

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