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Brief aus Brennberg
Short Documentary Film, AT/HU/DE 2019, Farbe, 28 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2019

Director, Script: Patrick Holzapfel
Camera: Joshua Burkert
Editor: Patrick Holzapfel, Joshua Burkert
Location Sound: Johannes Feigl
Sounddesign: Andrew Mottl
Additional Credits: Künstlerische Mitarbeit: Isabella Fellinger
Producers: Katya Korotaeva
Production: Cinemañana


A film as letter that tells of the failure of a film shooting at a former coal mine on the Hungarian- Austrian border. Since the film no longer has to be a film, it is set free, every take becomes an event, and captures what drifts over from another era. Thanks to letters and films, nothing is ever entirely lost.

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