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Bulb Fiction
Documentary Film, AT/DE 2011, Farbe, 96 min.
Diagonale 2012

Director: Christoph Mayr
Script: Christoph Mayr (nach einer Idee von Moritz Gieselmann)
Cast: Christoph Mayr (Sprecher), Mahi Sideridou, Per Stoltz, Christian Laus, Georg Steinhauser u.a.
Camera: Moritz Gieselmann
Editor: Paul Sedlacek
Location Sound: Eick Hoemann
Music: Andreas Lucas
Producers: Thomas Bogner, Daniel Zuta
Production: Neue Sentimental Film Austria AG
Co-production: Daniel Zuta Filmproduktion (DE)


Tungsten filament vs. the compact fluorescent lamp. In the year 2009 the EU put an end to the incandescent light bulb – and merely on the basis of a few expert opinions. In the name of energy efficiency, the way is paved for the mercury containing energy-saving lamp, with or without its reputed health risks. Bulb Fiction explores the pros and cons of the new light source/quality. And as always, when the situation gets touchy, many of those in high office are unavailable for comment.

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