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bruchstücke lokal - global. ein Fotofilmprojekt in 40 Sequenzen
Documentary Film, AT 2010, Farbe, 83 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2011

Director: Martin Bruch, Reinhilde Condin
Script: Martin Bruch, Reinhilde Condin
Camera: Reinhilde Condin und mitgebrachte & geschenkte Filmsequenzen von 34 Freunden & Bekannten
Editor: Cornelia Schöpf
Location Sound: Caroline T. Heflin, Martin Bruch, Reinhilde Condin
Music: AkkoSax, Vier Briada, Kollegium Kalksburg, Russkaja, Rino Gaetano
Sounddesign: Karo Heflin
Producers: Martin Bruch
Co-production: ORF


“The first virtual trip around the world: 40,076 km.” Vienna, Innsbruck, Hall in Tyrol, Crete, Rome, Liguria, Beijing, Calcutta, Kiev … Via onscreen broadcast, Martin Bruch travels through the streets of Austria and the whole world on his exercise bike at home. The travel scenes collected from friends become his own; the traversing of space turns into a shared and common experience of traveling. A film full of love of travel and life, while bound to one spot.

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