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Schmieds Puls – SUPERIOR
Music Video, AT 2018, Farbe, 4 min., ohne Dialog
Diagonale 2019

Director: Milena Czernovsky, Caroline Haberl, Lillith Kraxner
Script: Milena Czernovsky; Caroline Haberl; Lilith Kraxner; Fabian Czernovsky; Mira Lu Kovacs
Cast: Mira Lu Kovacs; Fearleaders Vienna
Camera: Matteo Molina und Fabian Czernovsky
Editor: Fabian Czernovsky; Milena Czernovsky; Lilith Kraxner
Costumes: Caroline Haberl
Additional Credits: Choreographie: Stefanie Sourial
Producers: / /
Production: /


A blue room, a woman in blue clothing, gentle, intimate singing. As a distorted guitar sound is introduced, parallel the solidity is broken. Mira Lu Kovacs is flanked by the men of the performance group “Fearleaders” who move the singer to the center and become an extension of her body. A minimalist confusion of categories that form the basis of the dialectic of dominance and suppression.