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March 21–26, 2023, Graz

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Short Film, AT 2013, Farbe, 10 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2014

Director, Script: Peter Brunner
Cast: Grischa Sauer, Nando Musser, Nuria Musser, Birgit Sauer, David Scheifinger
Camera: Matthias Halibrand
Editor: Matthias Halibrand, Max Kliewer
Location Sound: Laura Endres, Hjalti Bager-Jonathansson
Music: Irene Kepl
Sounddesign: Julia Kausch
Additional Credits: Mischung: Werner Angerer
Producers: Matthias Halibrand


Early one morning Grisha decides that it’s time to leave his home, his mother and his younger siblings. Filling in for his father has become too much for him to handle, so he gets up and packs his things to leave. And while his little brother is unable to stop him, his mother knows just how to get him to stay. After all, Grisha’s just a four-year-old boy. (Production note)