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March 21–26, 2023, Graz

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Feature Film, AT 2021, Farbe, 95 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2022

Director: Lilith Kraxner, Milena Czernovsky
Cast: Eva Sommer, Katharina Farnleitner, Marthe de Crouy-Chanel
Camera: Antonia de la Luz Kašik
Editor: Milena Czernovsky, Lilith Kraxner
Location Sound: Benedikt Palier
Producers: Lilith Kraxner, Milena Czernovsky, Lara Bellon


In Milena Czernovsky’s and Lilith Kraxner’s outstanding debut film, young Beatrix spends a summer alone in a remote house and does as well as she can (well!), nothing. Refusal, defiance, fear—none of these are really the reason. The search for “something!” even in nothing is not what Beatrix has in mind. Consciously and attentively, the film creates space for a women’s body to be free and to move without purpose.