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Short Film, DE/AT 2016, Farbe, 45 min., OmdU
Diagonale 2016

Director: Moritz S. Binder
Script: Moritz S. Binder, Albert Meisl
Cast: Massud Rahnama, Alireza Bayram, Ali Sattari, Mohammad-Ali Behboudi, Morgane Ferru, Marie-Christine Genoux, Micheline Zanatta
Camera: Tim Kuhn
Editor: Wolfgang Werner, Moritz S. Binder
Location Sound: Philip Hutter
Music: Carlos Cipa
Sounddesign: Philip Hutter
Production Design: Renate Schmaderer
Costumes: Amelie Panke
Additional Credits: Tonmischung & Musikaufnahme: Andreas Goldbrunner Grading: Andreas Lautil Requisite: Anna Roller & Mahnas Sarwari Maske: Katharina Siebers
Producers: David Armati Lechner, Alireza Golafshan, Thomas Herberth / Florian Brüning
Production: gamutfilm
Co-production: HORSE&FRUITS Filmproduktion OG Zollergasse 30/2A A-1070 Wien


Keywan and his mortally ill father go on a final journey together — the son, in order to avoid the unavoidable, the father to say goodbye. A de-dramatized road movie that as an allegory of life, leads through transitional spaces. A melancholic rite of passage, which in an extraordinary pictorial language unites the prophecy of death and the beauty of life.

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