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That has been bothering me the whole time
Innovative Cinema Short, AT 2013, Farbe, 11 min.
Diagonale 2014

Director, Script, Camera, Editor: Arash T. Riahi
Cast: Silke Grabinger
Producers: Arash T. Riahi
Production: Golden Girls Filmproduktion


Snippets of a veiled, dancing silhouette before a richly varied photographed background – lively, elegant, and sensual. Presently the camera affords us a top view, and the regal fabric reveals itself as a Burka. Religious and political associations are no longer avoidable. In a game of representations, Arash T. Riahi articulates the ambivalence of a narrative that far transcends the confines of a simple dance performance.

www.goldengirls.at, www.sixpackfilm.com

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