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Das dunkle Paradies
Feature Film, AT 2019, Farbe, 90 min., dOF
Diagonale 2019

Director: Catalina Molina
Script: Sarah Wassermair
Cast: Stefanie Reinsperger Manuel Rubey Andrea Wenzl Wolfgang Rauh
Camera: Klemens Hufnagl
Editor: Julia Drack
Location Sound: Klaus Kellermann
Music: Patrik Lerchmüller
Production Design: Katharina Haring Nina Salak
Costumes: Theresa Kopf
Producers: Jakob Pochlatko, Dieter Pochlatko
Production: epo-film produktionsges.m.b.h.


On the new ORF-Landkrimi, the picture-perfect idyllic Alpine town of Zell am See becomes the setting for a brutal murder, the investigation of which presses into the highest political circles. The corpse of a noble call girl is found on the shores of the lake. A perpetrator is quickly found: Roland, an ex-junkie, who had been violent earlier, and has no alibi. But the local police commander Franziska Hellmayr (Stefanie Reinsperger) doesn’t think he’s the murderer and begins to investigate on her own…