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Short Film, FR/AT/GB/US 2019, Farbe, 20 min., eOmdU
Diagonale 2019

Director, Script, Editor: Robin Fraser
Cast: Dean Christie, Frederick Schmidt, Dorothy Collins
Camera: Bart Sienkiewicz
Location Sound: Alexandre Ornaghi
Music: Jenna Whelan
Sounddesign: Chris Kuchner
Production Design: Chloe Kletsa
Costumes: Rachael Matthewson
Additional Credits: Marcel Javor ▼ EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Marcel Landesmann EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Mariusz Demner ▼ EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Martin Schlaff ▼ EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Oscar Bronner ▼ EXECUTIVE PRODUCER David Hidehiko Whone ▼ CO-PRODUCER Rosa Junkovic ▼ PRODUCTION MANAGER Helen Parkes ▼ ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Stefan Steurer ▼ GAFFER Rob Webster ▼ ASSISTANT CAMERA Amelia Hassard ▼ 2ND ASSISTANT CAMERA Erich Puchner ▼ BEST BOY Dominic spitaler ▼ DIGITAL EFFECTS SUPERVISOR Jürgen Hackl ▼ VFX SUPERVISOR
Producers: Marcello Demner
Production: FM Studio
Co-production: Act Natural (GB)


In a wealthy, not very densely populated area near Cannes, two men have been causing trouble for quite some time. They make careful plans and rob the homes of wealthy foreigners—using paralyzing gas. One night they make a grave error. Through the slick stylizing of the images, SLEEP resembles a shimmering dream, in which the horrors of the crime are allowed to appear shamelessly ethereal.

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