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April 4–9, 2024, Graz

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Documentary Film, AT 2019, Farbe, 95 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2019

Director, Script: Ulli Gladik
Camera: Judith Benedikt, Elke Groen, Ulli Gladik
Editor: Gerhard Daurer
Location Sound: Gerd Jochum, Eva Hausberger
Sounddesign: Andi Pils
Additional Credits: Dramaturgische Beratung: Karin Berger Farbkorrektur: Florian Hirschmann
Producers: Ulli Gladik
Production: Ulli Gladik


“Politics for Austria,” “Fairness,” “We provide security”—election slogans that promise a return to bygone morals, adorn the city of Vienna before the Austrian national parliamentary elections in 2017. The mistrust with regard to supposed political elites, coupled with promises made by the rightwing populist parties, polarize Austrian society. INLAND offers intimate insight into the lives of its protagonists and thereby draws a genre picture of their fears and hopes in complex times.