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Exit ... Nur keine Panik
Feature Film, AT/BRD 1980, Farbe, 102 min., dOF
Diagonale 2019

Director: Franz Novotny
Script: Gustav Ernst, Franz Novotny
Cast: Hanno Pöschl, Isolde Barth, Paulus Manker, Eddie Constantine, Peter Weibel
Camera: Alfio Contini
Editor: Eliska Stibrova
Music: Otto M. Zykan


In the urban anti-heimat film Exit … Nur keine Panik Hanno Pöschl and Paulus Manker play two daredevil petty criminals Kirchhoff and Plachinger, who go through the city fighting, drinking, and shagging. The two are on a frenzy through a Vienna of underground, film quote, and rebellion against narrow middleclass life. A rude suburban panorama and brazen hymn to the Viennese Strizzi, a hoodlum of sorts. The film was a scandal and world success and shows Hanno Pöschl in his best Strizzi role.

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