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Beyond – An African Surf Documentary
Documentary Film, AT 2017, Farbe, 111 min., OmdU
Diagonale 2018

Director: Mario Hainzl
Script: Andreas Jaritz, Mario Hainzl
Camera: René Eckert, Felix Gänsicke, Roman Königshofer, Mario Hainzl
Editor: Juri Rechinsky, Sebastian Funk
Music: The Quiet Now
Sounddesign: Christofer Frank
Producers: Andreas Jaritz, Tommy Pridnig, Peter Wirthensohn
Production: Lotus-Film
Co-production: Nomad Earth Media, AT


A pictorial journey of wave movements: from Morocco via the West Sahara to Mauritania, into Senegal and to Gambia. In his documentary, Mario Hainzl traces the lifestyle of the surfing scene on the west coast of Africa; surfers from small fishing villages and large cities, people from the tourism branch and backpackers from Europe sketch their way of life and their dreams. All the world’s a/board.

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