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Waldheims Walzer
Documentary Film, AT 2018, Farbe+SW, 93 min., 15.3. OmdU / 17.3. OmeU
Diagonale 2018

Director, Script, Camera: Ruth Beckermann
Editor: Dieter Pichler
Sounddesign: Manuel Grandpierre, Rudi Pototschnig
Producers: Ruth Beckermann
Production: Ruth Beckermann Filmproduktion


In 1986, shortly before the Federal presidency election: in a retrospective view, Ruth Beckermann looks at the beginning of the “Waldheim affair,” which marked a turning point in Austrian postwar history, and nearly toppled the Second Republic’s doctrine of being merely Hitler’s victim. A docu­mentary essay, compiled of collected archive mate­rial and newly found personal recordings; on indi­vidual and collective remembering and forgetting.