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Documentary Film, AT 2018, Farbe+SW, 81 min., 14.3. dOV / 16.3. OmeU
Diagonale 2018

Director: Richard Wilhelmer
Script: Richard Wilhelmer, Daniel Haingartner
Camera: Serafin Spitzer
Editor: Alexander Murygin
Additional Credits: Sprecherin: Anja Stadlober Tongestaltung: Karim Weth Tonschnitt und Mischung: Alexander Koller Audio Postproduktion Leitung: Marco Zinz Tonstudio: The Grand Post Tonaufnahme Daniel Haingartner Tonaufnahme Studio: Christian Obermaier Farbkorrektur & Compositing: Matthias Halibrand Dramaturgische Betreuung: Ryan Jeffery Produktionsassistenz: Maria Rauch Kamera Kassel: Patrick Jasim Lektorat: Karoline Walter Untertitel: Laure Gaillard Egozentrisches Kamerasystem: Ben Maus, Richard Wilhelmer ProtagonistInnen: Fritz Joachim Rudert Gerhard Roth Elisabteh Loftus Allen Frances Arthur Bodin Adelheid Kastner Regina Hickl Matthias Seibt Joscha Bach
Producers: Richard Wilhelmer, Daniel Haingartner


What does “normal” mean? Who has the authority to define psychological parameters? “We have to enable ourselves. The entire diagnosing mania is a handicap,” claims, for example, Fritz Joachim Rudert, a philosopher with involuntary psychiatric experience and initiator of the “Chair for insanity.” Anomalie accompanies Rudert and his allies and in doing so carries out a cinematic search for the connection between social policy and psychiatric diagnosis.