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April 4–9, 2024, Graz

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Feature Film, AT 2017, Farbe, 90 min.
Diagonale 2017

Director: Marie Kreutzer
Script: Pia Hierzegger
Cast: Pia Hierzegger, Josef Hader, Brigitte Hobmeier, Andreas Kiendl, Christine Ostermayer, Regina Fritsch
Camera: Robert Oberrainer
Editor: Ulrike Kofler
Location Sound: Odo Grötschnig
Music: David Hebenstreit
Production Design: Martin Reiter
Costumes: Monika Buttinger
Additional Credits: Maske Sam Dopona Verena Eichtinger Casting Rita Waszilovics
Producers: Dieter Pochlatko, Jakob Pochlatko
Production: epo-film
Co-production: im Auftrag von ORF, SWR


In the first part of the brand new ORF program “Stadtkomödie”, a white lie seems better than the truth. Or at least according to Hubert, a well-situated television host and good family father who wants to spare his mother the details of his separation from his wife, her pregnancy, and his new girlfriend. At a birthday party for his mother, who suffers a heart condition, the whole crowd gathers and the confusion begins. Kreutzer’s turbulent comedy of errors casts an entertaining glance at the entirely normal patchwork family madness.