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Revolución Solar
Short Film, AR 2016, Farbe, 15 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2017

Director: Santiago Rodríguez Durán
Script: David Moser, Santiago Rodríguez Durán
Cast: Jazmín Carballo, Brigitte Cordovero, Pedro Pertusi, Gianluca Zonzini
Camera: David Moser
Editor: Ailín Emilio, David Moser
Location Sound: Diego Castro, Luz Galizzi
Music: Samuel Elia, Spring Heel Jack
Sounddesign: Diego Castro
Additional Credits:
Farbkorrektur: Christopher Hosp
Maske: Lucrecia Yahbes
Producers: David Moser, Santiago Rodríguez Durán
Production: David Moser Filmproduktion


It is Sofia’s birthday and the memories of a past love catch up with her. But the young woman has decided to take a big step into a new year. The nostalgic ties with her home city of Buenos Aires and her grandmother suffering from dementia, help Sofia gradually attain the independence that she yearns for.

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