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Seeing Voices
Documentary Film, AT 2016, Farbe, 93 min., OmdU
Diagonale 2017

Director, Script: Dariusz Kowalski
Cast: mit Emil Hager, Caroline Hager, Barbara Hager, Alexander-Karla Hager, Helene Jarmer, Ayse Kocak, Barbara Schuster
Camera: Martin Putz
Editor: Dieter Pichler
Location Sound: Atanas Tcholakov, David Almeida Ribeiro, Stefan Rosensprung, Tong Zhang, Klaus Kellermann
Sounddesign: Nils Kirchhoff
Producers: Oliver Neumann, Sabine Moser
Production: FreibeuterFilm


Seeing Voices accompanies members of the Viennese deaf community in their everyday lives, focusing on the acquisition of, and struggle for recognition and establishment of their native language, which becomes visually tangible in the film as a form of communication functioning via bodies, gazes, and rhythm. With sensitivity and empathy, Dariusz Kowalski stages a film about the connection of identity and language, the right to equal opportunity, and the due appreciation of sign language.

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