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Sturmjahre - Der Leidensweg Österreichs
Documentary Film, AT 1947, Schwarzweiß, 80 min.
Diagonale 2016

Director: Frank Ward Rossak
Script: Frank Ward Rossak, Herbert Heidmann
Cast: Dagny Servaes, Trude Sommer, Hans Brand, Herbert Holy, Hans Jungbauer u. a.
Camera: Hans Imber, Hans Nigmann, Bruno Lötsch, Mario Wiberal, Josef Halbritter, Paul Bruck
Music: Hans Wilma
Production: Pax-Film


History lessons Austrian style: The documentary film Sturmjahre – Der Leidensweg Österreichs created by the erstwhile proletarian cinema director Frank Ward Rossak with archive materials offers consensual interpretations of contemporary history and drafts the first self-images of a collective memory.