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Die papierene Brücke
Documentary Film, AT 1987, Farbe, 95 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2016

Director, Script: Ruth Beckermann
Cast: Betty Beckermann, Salo Beckermann, Herbert Gropper, Robert Schindel, Willi Stern, Rabbi Wassermann, u.v.a.
Camera: Nurith Aviv
Editor: Gertraud Luschützky
Location Sound: Josef Aichholzer, Reinhold Kaiser, Heinz Ebner
Producers: Ruth Beckermann
Production: Filmladen


In the mid-1980s, filmmaker Ruth Beckermann embarks upon a journey to find Jewish life. In doing so, she is confronted with various concepts of what that was, is, and can be. Romania, Czernowitz, Israel, a movie set in Yugoslavia where the Theresienstadt concentration camp is being reverse-engineered; and finally, a return to Vienna where anti-Semitism rears its ugly head on the streets. To live in a place like this despite all of its shortcomings is to know who you could have been.