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Der längste Kuss - Teil 1
Innovative Cinema Short, AT 2015, Farbe, 5 min.
Diagonale 2016

Director: Hubert Sielecki, Gerhard Rühm
Script: Gerhard Rühm
Cast: keine
Camera: Hubert Sielecki
Editor: Hubert Sielecki
Location Sound: Studio Heurecord
Music: keine
Sounddesign: keine
Production Design: keine
Costumes: keine
Additional Credits: Technische Beratung: Rainer Neumüller
Producers: Hubert Sielecki, keine
Production: Animotion Films Vienna
Co-production: keine


The abstract film version of a newspaper report on the “longest kiss in the world”: as a musical talk-duet in 4/4 time spoken by Gerhard Rühm and Monika Lichtenfeld, in two soundtracks depicted below one another, visualized in black, red, and white color bars. The two voices meld to a rhythmic sound and color symphony.

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