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History of Now
Feature Film, AT/MA 2013, Farbe, 93 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2016

Director, Script: Nadiv Molcho
Cast: Nadiv Molcho, Aya Beldi, Lea Louisa Wolfram, Kai Frederik Hillebrand, Samy Molcho
Camera: Konrad Tho Fiedler
Editor: Gerd Berner, Gloria Schweighofer (First Assistant Editor), Grant Myers (Editorial Consultant), Gernot Böhm (Assistant Editor)
Location Sound: Christoph Kuchner
Music: Ulrich Harrison
Sounddesign: Christoph Kuchner
Costumes: Kyra Sophie, Maite Kalita (additional costume/Vienna)
Additional Credits: Co-Producer: Marcello Demner, Executive Producer: Robert Kofler
Producers: Nadiv Molcho, Marcello Demner (Co-Producer)
Production: NENI Films


It’s all about love … a young couple, Eli and Maya, move into a shared apartment in Vienna. She works as a sous chef, and he works as a nurse anaesthetist, but would rather be a writer. In their mid-twenties they feel as though they’ve reached a turning point and decide to travel to Morocco. There, Maya can live out her culinary passion, and Eli wants to ask her to marry him. But life has other plans in store for them. Hip cinema from Austria — urban, young, with a hunger for life.

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