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Fragmente einer Trauerarbeit
Short Film, AT/DE 2015, Farbe, 39 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2016

Director, Script: Patrick Holzapfel
Cast: Joana Gutscher, Simon Heyny, Sebastian Wegscheider
Camera: Joshua Burkert, Stefanie Weberhofer
Editor: Joshua Burkert
Location Sound: Ekaterina Korotaeva
Music: Carlos Cipa
Sounddesign: David Merkl, Andrew Mottl
Additional Credits: Regieassistenz: Isabella Fellinger, Set-Hilfe: Ioana Florescu
Producers: Patrick Holzapfel, Ekaterina Korotaeva, Joshua Burkert, Ioana Florescu
Production: Cinemañana


Three friends try to process the death of a fourth from their group. They wander aimlessly through a labyrinthine forest, argue, fall into one another’s arms, laugh, cry. Mixed feelings between convergence and estrangement. Anger, sadness, and tenderness. Documented truthfulness or staged fiction? The borders blur: the “in-between” as expression of an unreal feeling.

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