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Hannas schlafende Hunde
Feature Film, DE/AT 2015, Farbe, 124 min.
Diagonale 2016

Director: Andreas Gruber
Script: Andreas Gruber, nach dem Roman von Elisabeth Escher
Cast: Hannelore Elsner, Nike Seitz, Franziska Weisz, Rainer Egger, Nico Liersch, Christian Wolff, Bruno Ricketts, Seraphine Rastl, Paul Matic, Lena Reichmuth, Christian Hoening, Johannes Silberschneider, Elfriede Irrall, Michaela Rosen, Wolf Bachofner, André Resch, Jeremias Meyer, Luca Lombardo, Carl Achleitner, Georg Bonn, Wolfgang S. Zechmayer, Peter Landerl, Karola Niederhuber, Lucie Stickel, Lola Scholer, Celina Schelle, Vivienne v.d. Klosters, Markus Zwettler, Andreas Graf, Joseph Dünser, Elias Bremstale
Camera: Martin Gressmann, Jakob Wiessner
Editor: Julia Drack
Location Sound: Torsten Heinemann
Music: Gert Wilden
Sounddesign: Heiko Müller, Chrissy Rebay, Mario Hubert
Production Design: Oliver Hoese, Bettina Zirngibl
Costumes: Tina Keimel-Sorge
Producers: Fritjof Hohagen, Andreas Gruber, Stephan O. Hansch, Sebastian Zembol
Production: enigma film
Co-production: Provinzfilm International, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Österreichischer Rundfunk, oryxmedia, Mixtvision Film


The authentic story of a Jewish girl who grows up in Wels in the late 1960s disguised as a good Catholic girl by her parents. Nazi ideology still remains deeply anchored in the minds of most of the people there. Thus, the uppermost axiom drummed into her mind by her mother: stay calm and never attract attention. In the small town, no one wants to wake the “schlafenden Hunde” (sleeping dogs) of the past. But the young woman no longer wants to hide her identity. Production notes

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