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April 4–9, 2024, Graz

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Animation, GB 2015, Farbe, 6 min., eOF
Diagonale 2016

Director, Script, Camera, Editor: Gudrun Krebitz
Music: Marian Mentrup
Sounddesign: Marian Mentrup
Producers: Gudrun Krebitz
Production: Gudrun Krebitz


Bare feet in the snow, a thought dialogue whispered by women’s voices. Darkness, coldness, loneliness, melancholy — atmospheres and emotional states mediated by the animated film EXOMOON through highly expressively drawn, filmed, and over-painted images, as well as through a poetic, enraptured soundtrack. An eerily beautiful walk through the ordeal, an odyssey through the expanses of a remote inner and outer space. „Because she has been alone for a really long time and there’s just no one else, she might as well live on the moon.“