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Draußen in der Stadt - Folge 13-18
Feature Film, AT 1978, Farbe, 86 min.
Diagonale 2015

Director: Hannes Rossacher
Script: Günter Brödl
Cast: Ingrid Strohbauer, Cecile Cordon, Bertram Mödlagl, Nikolaus Büchel u.v.a.
Camera: Hanus Polak
Editor: Eliska Stibrova
Location Sound: Walter Prokosch, Jörg Priesner
Producers: A. Rechberg
Production: ORF / ART Produktion


Günter Brödl was a writer, music journalist, songwriter for Ostbahn Kurti, and what only very few know: play and screenplay writer. The eighteen-part mini series Draußen in der Stadt emerged in the biotope of ORF’s youth programs, which offered breeding grounds and a place of learning for many. Each episode, approximately fifteen minutes long, deals with chicanery in school, first sex and the things that youth culture are made of; and from episode to episode it becomes more nervy, experimental, and psychedelic.

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