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Short Film, DE/AT 2014, Farbe, 20 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2015

Director: Paul Meschùh
Script: Aydin Alinejadsomeeh in Zusammenarbeit mit Paul Meschùh
Cast: Nicholas Reinke, Amin Nasir, Sobi Darcal, Maria Rui, Sharzad Keyhani, Olaf Krätke
Camera: Michael Heinz
Editor: Fabian Rüdisser
Location Sound: Peter Kautzsch
Sounddesign: Sergey Martynyuk
Production Design: Stephanie Haas
Costumes: Eva Maria Simon
Producers: Felix von Poser, Therese Seemann
Production: Sparkling Pictures
Co-production: Bayerischer Rundfunk


In the midst of the snowy north Afghanistan landscape, German soldiers hurry to the help of an unconscious girl. Convinced of the honorability of the mission, an officer sets out single-handedly in search of a second, allegedly missing child. And turns good intentions conclusively to irrevocable defamation: The protocol of a chain of coincidences—based on a true occurrence.

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