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Lichttage Lichtnächte - Christian Berger im Film
Short Documentary Film, AT 2015, Farbe, 49 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2015

Director, Script: Eva Testor
Camera: Eva Testor, Nina Kusturica, Jörg Dulsky
Editor: Julia Pontiller
Location Sound: Nina Kusturica, Jörg Dulsky
Music: Tribidabo
Sounddesign: Uli Grimm/av-Design
Producers: Eva Testor


In the framework of an annual study excursion, the renowned cameraman Christian Berger dedicates himself to his core theme: light in film and art. Eva Testor accompanied one of these journeys and penetrated further into Berger’s conceptual and working worlds. Thus arose the portrait of a restless virtuoso – always in search of the perfect image.