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Olya's Love
Documentary Film, AT/RU 2014, Farbe, 68 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2015

Director, Camera: Kirill Sakharnov
Script: Kirill Sakharnov, Ksenia Sakharnova
Cast: mit Olya Kuracheva, Galiya Galeeva
Editor: Maxim Kliewer (aea), Kirill Sakharnov
Producers: Jürgen Karasek, Filip Anton Malinowski, Ksenia Sakharnova, Vladislav Ketkovich
Production: soleil film
Co-production: SugarDocs, Ethnogeographic Research Foundation/Ethnofund


Russia under Vladimir Putin. Despite vehement criminalization, the charismatic Olya fights for a self-determined life for LGBT people: A life in which she is allowed to be happy with her partner Galiya. The camera image’s home-video aesthetic corresponds with the documentary claim: tender, never voyeuristic, opening up is the normality of an everyday life that is not allowed to exist in Russia. The story of a love despite social and political repression.

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