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Und Äktschn!
Feature Film, AT/DE 2013, Farbe, 102 min.
Diagonale 2014

Director: Frederick Baker
Script: Gerhard Polt, Frederick Baker
Cast: Gerhard Polt, Maximilian Brückner, Gisela Schneeberger, Robert Meyer, Nikolaus Paryla, Michael Ostrowski u. a.
Camera: Wolfgang Thaler
Editor: Alarich Lenz
Location Sound: Roman Schwartz
Music: Christoph Well
Sounddesign: Martin Löcker
Production Design: Tilman Lasch
Costumes: Mo Vorwerck
Producers: Frederick Baker, Christian Becker, Antonio Exacoustos, Franz Kraus, Joseph Reidinger
Production: Filmbäckerei
Co-production: Rat Pack Filmproduktion, Viafilm, B.A. Produktion


With a failed marriage and no money in the bank – Hans A. Pospiech has seen better times. Film is the only burning passion he has left. When a shady director of a local bank decides to cook his books by setting up a “cultural promotion” fund, Pospiech aims to make moving-image history: an amateur epic about Hitler’s private side. Gerhard Polt returns to the silver screen with an ironic, wistful and unhurried film.

www.undaektschn.at, www.stadtkinowien.at

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