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Gün ve Gece
Innovative Cinema Short, AT/TR 2013, Farbe, 8 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2014

Director, Editor: Siegmund Skalar
Script: Helin Celik
Camera: Martin Klingenböck
Additional Credits: Kamera Ass./Ton: Matthias Gritsch Sprecherin: Yagmur Sayak
Producers: David Czifer, Max Mayerhofer


Based on a short story by the 21-year-old author Helin Celik, Gün ve Gece tells of a desire that challenges day-to-day life and shuns the public eye. Accompanied by an inner monologue, camera shots shift outward from the private to the public sphere of Istanbul and confront an urban society with forbidden passion.