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der springende punkt.
Innovative Cinema Short, AT 2013, Farbe, 5 min.
Diagonale 2014

Director: Thomas Brandstätter, Andrea Maurer
Script: Thomas Brandstätter, Andrea Maurer
Location Sound: Nicholas Hoffman
Producers: Thomas Brandstätter
Production: studio 5
Co-production: Szene Salzburg, apap - Advancing Performing Arts Project


Andrea Maurer and Thomas Brandstätter get right to the heart of things: “All being is nothing but an infinite point between here and now.” Outrageous? Exactly. Round and round goes the animation procession; colorful circles roll spryly and restlessly through space and time: A little Dada, a little gaga, yet always with pinpoint precision.

www.studio-5.at, www.sixpackfilm.com