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Der Fall Wilhelm Reich
Feature Film, AT 2012, Farbe, 110 min., OmdU
Diagonale 2013

Director, Script: Antonin Svoboda
Cast: Klaus Maria Brandauer, Julia Jentsch, Jamie Sives, Jeanette Hain, Birgit Minichmayr u.a.
Camera: Martin Gschlacht
Editor: Oliver Neumann
Location Sound: Odo Grötschnig
Music: Bernd Jungmair, Stefan Jungmair
Sounddesign: Thomas Pötz
Production Design: Katharina Wöppermann
Costumes: Tanja Hausner
Producers: Antonin Svoboda, Franz Novotny, Alexander Glehr, Martin Gschlacht
Production: Novotny & Novotny Filmproduktion, coop99 Filmproduktion
Co-production: Lotus Film


1956: The emigrant Austrian psychiatrist and fringe scientific researcher Wilhelm Reich stands accused of fraud by a US-court and is sentenced to prison. Antonin Svoboda focuses on the years of Reich’s research that precede the trial: his search for the life force Orgon, the development of the cloud- buster technology as well as his struggle against the hostility of his colleagues and the political elite. This is a star-studded drama, stunningly photographed by Martin Gschlacht.

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