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Die Summe meiner einzelnen Teile
Feature Film, DE 2011, Farbe, 120 min.
Diagonale 2012

Director: Hans Weingartner
Script: Hans Weingartner, Cüneyt Kaya
Cast: Peter Schneider, Henrike von Kuik, Timus Massold, Andreas Leupold, Julia Jentsch
Camera: Henner Besuch
Editor: Andreas Wodraschke, Dirk Oetelshoven
Location Sound: Jörg Kidrowski, Garip Özdem
Music: Ian Hooper, The Mighty Oaks
Sounddesign: Björn Wiese, Stefan Soltau, Tobias Fleig
Production Design: Sebastian Wurm
Costumes: Christian Röhrs
Producers: Hans Weingartner, Jonas Dornbach
Production: Kahuuna Films (DE)


Following a nervous breakdown, Martin loses his job, his girlfriend, his stability. Even after his release from psychiatric treatment, the mathematician only seems to find solace in numbers. He flees the big city where, despite language barriers, he befriends a Russian boy. Together they live as hermits in the woods, looking out for one another. However, the mathematical probability that they can remain undetected is very low – and then there’s the love letter to Lena that comes into play.

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