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Innovative Cinema Short, AT 2011, Farbe, 17 min., ohne Dialog
Diagonale 2012

Director: Josef Dabernig
Script: Josef Dabernig
Cast: Alfons Ecker, Goschka Gawlik, Christian Kravagna, Ingeburg Wurzer, Otto Zitko u.a.
Camera: Christian Giesser
Editor: Josef Dabernig
Music: CAN, Giuseppe Verdi
Sounddesign: Elisabeth Hildebrandt, Michael Palm
Producers: Josef Dabernig


Only with great imagination can one envision the glory of a former rest home for Soviet filmmakers. The lavish architecture appears to be crumbling, a testament to the end of an eral – ike the depicted idleness of the institution’s apparatchiks. They have made themselves at home with some sausage and pickled food. In the meantime, a writer ravaged by the crisis is seeking respite and fails to find it. A performance that can be likened to a jar full of relics, clichés, and pickled vegetables.

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