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Protest ohne Ästhetik und Form
Innovative Cinema Short, AT 2011, Farbe, 14 min., OmdU
Diagonale 2012

Director, Script, Camera, Editor: Manfred Rainer
Cast: Pawel Szostak
Production Design: Manfred Rainer, Hannah Rosa Öllinger
Costumes: Hannah Rosa Öllinger
Producers: Manfred Rainer


A fictitious revolt in Warsaw serves as the basis for a thought experiment on the possibilities in modern protest culture. Can criticism be expressed without the trappings of commercialism and nostalgia? In the form of an interview, we are taken through the ostensibly rehearsed strategies of a protest without aesthetic or form. A protest that needs to keep moving, which can never be pinned down easily – and one which, in most cases, will not really be recognized.

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