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Der Papst ist kein Jeansboy
Documentary Film, AT/DE 2011, Schwarzweiß, 74 min.
Diagonale 2012

Director, Script, Camera, Location Sound: Sobo Swobodnik
Cast: Hermes Phettberg, Kurt Palm, Peter Katlein, Roman Berka, Renate Schweiger, Josef Hader (Sprecher) u.a.
Editor: Stefanie Kosik
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach
Sounddesign: Helen Neikes
Producers: Sobo Swobodnik, Patrick G. Schmitt
Production: Athlon Produktion
Co-production: Guerilla Film Koop. (DE)


Hermes Phettberg has survived three strokes and one heart attack. Cinematically consistent with his stark blog entries, the camera accompanies him through his daily life, fraught as it is with social, financial, and health-related troubles. In spite of his loneliness, he shows an unbridled passion and warmth in his dealings with people – a will to live, driven by a remarkably sharp mind.