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Hexe Lilli - Die Reise nach Mandolan
Feature Film, DE/AT/ES 2011, Farbe, 85 min., OV
Diagonale 2011

Director: Harald Sicheritz
Script: Bettine & Achim von Borries (nach den Büchern von KNISTER)
Cast: Alina Freund, Michael Mittermeier (Stimme), Pilar Bardem, Anja Kling, Jürgen Tarrach u.a.
Camera: Thomas Kiennast
Editor: Alexander Dittner
Location Sound: Max Vornehm
Music: Klaus Badelt, Ian Honeyman
Production Design: Christoph Kanter
Costumes: Bina Daigeler
Producers: Danny Krausz, (innerösterr. mit Katja Dor-Helmer), C. Mehner, M. Husmann, Michael Coldewey, J. Steinweg, T. Menne, J. Müsch, H. Molfenter, C. Fisser
Production: Dor Film
Co-production: (innerösterr. mit Mini Film) (AT), blue eyes Fiction (DE), TRIXTER Productions (DE), Steinweg Emotion Pictures (DE), Buena Vista International Film Production (DE)


Lilli performs magic and Hektor flies… uh… eats, again. Grand vizier Guliman wants to finally ascend the throne of Mandolan, but his endeavor is unsuccessful given that he is cursed. Lilli the young witch comes to the rescue. Although she soon realizes that her commissioner has deceived her. With the ever so hungry and deeply in love dragon Hektor in tow, she heads off to find the rightful heir to the throne. A colorful, exciting adventure takes its course.