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Der Atem des Himmels
Feature Film, AT 2010, 128 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2011

Director, Script: Reinhold Bilgeri
Cast: Beatrice Bilgeri, Jaron Löwenberg, Gerd Böckmann, Ernst Konarek, Krista Stadler u.a.
Camera: Tomas Erhart
Editor: Thomas Ilg
Location Sound: Johannes Paiha
Music: Raimund Hepp
Production Design: Patrick Steve Müller
Costumes: Brigitta Fink
Producers: Reinhold Bilgeri, Thomas Feldkircher
Production: Bilgeri Film Productions


In the summer of 1953, the impoverished aristocrat Erna von Gaderthurn arrives in a secluded Alpine village stricken by avalanches at the foot of Mont Calv. In the harsh, reticent village community, sophisticated Erna appears to be from a different world. Life is not easy for her. Finally in January, as the first snow announces misfortunes to come, the village community chooses to close ranks – in the face of the merciless power of nature, everyone is equal. And this power will claim more victims than ever before.