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excursus on fitness
Innovative Cinema Short, AT 2010, Schwarzweiß, 12 min., ohne Dialog
Diagonale 2011

Director, Script, Editor: Josef Dabernig
Cast: mit Ingeburg Wurzer, Josef Dabernig, Wolfgang Dabernig, Isabella Hollauf, Otto Zitko, Anna Dabernig
Camera: Christian Giesser
Producers: Josef Dabernig, MAK Wien


A dancing room in Vienna, dilapidated and bleakly decorated with fitness machines. Equally bleak are the faces of those who come here to work out. There is no sign of endorphins. In silent black and white shots, Josef Dabernig elicits something ironic from the repetitive movements. He mingles among the sweaty athletes. The images that are reminiscent of a documentary become more and more staged. The filmed questions itself.

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