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Stick Climbing
Innovative Cinema Short, CH/AT 2010, Farbe, 13 min.
Diagonale 2011

Director, Script: Daniel Zimmermann
Camera: Raoul Schmitz, Andreas Hasenöhrl, Andreas Kreimeier, Bernhard Braunstein, Harald Höllwöger
Editor: Bernhard Braunstein
Location Sound: Daniel Fritz, Bernhard Braunstein
Sounddesign: Daniel Fritz
Producers: Daniel Zimmermann, Samuel Huber, Wolfgang Haas
Production: dz-production
Co-production: CastYourArt, SF


Taking a stroll through the village, there are many, sometimes cliché-ridden details revealed: the pastor, the acolyte, folkloric dance, tractors, and animals … The beautifully staged multitudinous “everyday life” ends at the bottom of an impressive steep face. But this is not where the cinematic journey ends: accompanied by increasing breathlessness, the one-shot take leads us alongside a wooden construction further up into verticalness. Arriving on top, we look back in disbelief, into the village far away where we had just taken a placid stroll.

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