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Documentary Film, AT 2006, Schwarzweiß, 117 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2010

Director, Camera, Editor, Location Sound: Peter Schreiner
Script: Peter Schreiner (in Zusammenarbeit mit Giuliana Pachner)
Cast: Giuliana Pachner, Bernardina Piller-Puicher, Erminia Colle Tiz, Barbara Pachner, Diana Pachner
Producers: Gerhard Kastler
Production: echt.zeit.film


Bellavista, a hotel in Sappada, a village in the mountains of Northern Italy, near the Austrian border. Giuliana, who escaped to the city to study when she was young, has returned and is now working in her family’s hotel. Her present life is shaped by memories, and these in turn are characterised by the „Ploderische“, an ancient East Tyrolean dialect that has almost died out.