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I Cimbri
Documentary Film, AT 1991, Schwarzweiß, 116 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2010

Director: Peter Schreiner
Script: Peter Schreiner
Cast: Fortunato Dal Bosco, Adele Dal Bosco, Germano Dal Bosco, Corinna Pernigotti u.a.
Camera: Peter Schreiner
Editor: Peter Schreiner
Location Sound: Andreas Stern, Susanne Schreiner
Producers: Peter Schreiner
Production: Peter Schreiner Filmproduktion


Since the 12th century, there has been a German speaking enclave in Northern Italy, called the “Zimbern”. They are as vulnerable to the rapid changes of the modern world as their language, which has already become the subject of the regional museum. On the weekend flocks of tourists, who come primarily from Verona and its surroundings, descend on the area. Mass tourism and industry create new lifestyles, and also new food. It is only to a few of the elders that time seems to stand still. Peter Schreiner listens to what they have to say, persuades them to speak a few words in their ancient language.

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