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Erste Liebe
Documentary Film, AT 1983, Schwarzweiß, 100 min.
Diagonale 2010

Director: Peter Schreiner
Script: Peter Schreiner
Cast: Ali Kielmannsegg, Andi Stern, Konrad Spindler, Harald Habiger, Peter Schreiner u.a.
Camera: Peter Schreiner, Konrad Spindler, Bärbel Neubauer
Editor: Peter Schreiner
Location Sound: Andreas Stern
Music: Michael Langoth
Producers: Peter Schreiner, Erich Liedl
Production: Peter Schreiner Filmproduktion
Co-production: Liedl-Becker-Dokumentarfilm


The camera records a few young people in everyday situations, in bars, on the street, and also in slightly absurd situations. They feel observed, perhaps a bit insecure and therefore start to perform but occasionally still forget the camera – which always treats them with respect. As a viewer you may feel just as unsure as the people being watched. You can’t look away, and you don’t want to either. You keep looking at these young people, just as the camera suggests.

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