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Der Herzerlfresser
Short Film, AT/DE 2009, 25 min.
Diagonale 2010

Director, Script: Anna Schwingenschuh
Cast: Erol Nowak, Pia Hierzegger, Christoph Theußl, Alexandra Maria Nutz u.a.
Camera: Astrid Heubrandtner
Editor: Zuhal Er
Location Sound: Martin Rohrmoser, Gerd Jochum, Moritz Maier
Music: Moritz Maier
Production Design: Maria Gruber
Costumes: Christina Weber
Producers: Andreas Brauer
Production: HUPE Film- & Fernsehproduktion (DE)


18th century, a village in Styria. After the farm labourer Paul loses his entire savings in a card game he receives news of his lover Stanzi’s apparent suicide. Tormented by guilt, he falls prey to the ancient belief that Stanzi is not dead, but has become invisible. He is convinced that he can see her once more if he eats the hearts of seven virgins. Based on the true story of the “Heart Eater of Kindberg”.